Monday, June 16, 2008

Mount Vernon...Day 8

Sorry, I am having technical difficulties tonight - there are bad storms in the area and we lost power - I am too tired to start over.

Today we spent the morning at Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. We toured his house, farm, barns, gardens, wharf, tomb and his new museum.

The picture above is of the main house on Mount Vernon.

Scroll down for more photos and commentary

The following two pictures are exhibits in the new museum. There were several real life replications of what George would have looked at different ages of his life. These were scientifically done from his measurements and photos. They were so real looking. I truly felt like I was standing there watching him get sworn in as President.

This picture is of the swearing in exhibit - you can see how real these "Statues" look. They are very detailed down to every
eyelash, etc.

This is another exhibit with one of the made to life casts. The horse was even real.

This final photo is a group of the 4-H'ers in front of the Potomic River - This is also the view out of George's back porch.

We just got done with our group meetings and workshops and are starting to settle in for the night. Sorry for the quick blog tonight, but I am almost in a sleep induced coma as I type.

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