Sunday, June 15, 2008

One Week on the Road!.....Gettysburg & Maryland

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We made it to the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland! Today we started out touring the brand new Gettysburg Visitors Center and Museum. The group started out watching a film about the Civil War and slavery. We then toured the battle fields with a step on tour guide.

In this picture, the kids are looking at the view from Little Round Top. It is amazing how beautiful a place can be that was built upon death and the lives of thousands of soldiers.

After Gettysburg we traveled to a outlet mall for lunch. We had to waste some time because we couldn't arrive at the National 4-H Center before 3p.m. We are now there! We have already ate supper and attended the opening ceremonies. The kids are energized...along with 500 other 4-H members from Oklahoma, Florida, Minnesota, Iowa, Texas, Wisconsin & Ohio. I am sure I missed a few states but these are the bulk.

Here is a picture of the National 4-H Center
Sorry about the lighting but I was in full sun at the time I was able to take the photo.

Christina Mayer at Getysburg looking over the battlefield.

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