Saturday, June 14, 2008

Philadelphia....Day 6

Today was packed full of history and education. The day started out at Valley Forge where we had a step on tour guide. Our tour guide was full of lots of information. We were lucky enough to get a retired high school history teacher. I have been to Valley Forge six times now and I learned more today than all those years combined.

The tour guide led us through the Forge where we looked at the winter huts, the hills they baked bread in, Washington's headquarters, canons and a beautiful little church dedicated to Washington.

We then ate lunch at the Bourge in dowtown Philadelphia and then took an all day tour of the city seeing sights such as Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Betsy Ross's House and Benjamin Franklin's museum of inventions. I never realized how creative and smart he was. Despite the heat and humidity it was a great day -Remember those case loads of water we packed on the bus? We are now rationing it out - we are down to only 6 cases. The kids keep saying just go to Wal-Mart and buy some more...not realizing we are in the middle of no where and stores aren't a hop, skip and a jump away like in Nebraska.

We are now in Gettysburg - we ate supper at a Diner where vegetables and salads came with the meal - nobody went into shock for having food other than fried. We are now at the hotel and the kids have time to swim - so I am off to lifeguard!

Coryn and Sheryl Woodward standing in fron of Liberty Bell

The kids looking at Independence Hall

Inside Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

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