Friday, June 13, 2008

New York ....Take Two - Day 5

Today we took a guided tour of New York City. We spent some time in Central Park. In this photo we are on the Alice in Wonderland statue by the Central Park pond. This is the place where the famous bird lady that is in all the movies hangs out. Unfortunately she wasn't out today.

We drove through the streets of Upper and Lower Manhattan, Little Italy, SoHo and the Village. We explored the sights and heard commentary on where famous people lived and died, how much it costs to buy a house - which is 4 to 5 million if you were wondering and observed the major hustle and bustle of the city.

The bus driver dropped us off on Times Square for lunch at Planet Hollywood. After lunch we had time to negotiate some bargains from the street vendors and posed for many pictures with the NAKED cowboy. If you know about him, did you know he now has a companion on the other side of 45th street...the NAKED cowgirl.

After Times Square, we then traveled on to the famous Chinatown. Please note.. there are no photos because I was too busy getting pulled into dark alleys to look at all the designer purses and man did I get some good deals.

All the kids are now styling with their designer purses, name brand sunglasses and the faux rolex's - we are now official New York tourists.

We are now on our way to the motel...I will leave you with a photo that explains how I feel.

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