Friday, June 13, 2008

New York - Day 4

Sorry I didn't get this posted last night. We got into the hotel very late and the network was down. I am unable to get the long pictures reformatted - so you will have to look at the screen sideways.

Today we started the day by taking the Lincoln Tunnel into New York traveling by ground zero. We started at Battery Park and got on a ferry that took us to Liberty Park. We ate lunch while viewing the magnificant Statue of Liberty. After Liberty Park we aboarded the ferry again to travel on to Ellis Island. While we were there, the kids found out about thier family history and they watched an educational film to get a better understading of Ellis Island and its history. Our last ferry ride was back to battery park where we first watched all the street entertainment. There were dancers, musicians, artists, freaks, superman posing for pictures and live statues - they were all very cool to experience. We then met the bus to continue our journey to downtown New York for the sights and sounds of Times Square and Broadway.

We attended the Broadway musical Hairspray. It was very good and most of the kids liked it. A few of the boys fell asleep during it - not becuase they were bored, but becuase they were finally in air conditioning after a very long, hot day. Despite a can of sunscreen, we are all sun burnt.

After the musical, we boarded the bus once again to get a night view of the ever so bright and interesting Times Square. Off to New Jersey to get a short nights sleep.

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